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Chartech 2019

2019 editions of Chartech, the bi-monthly magazine of the Tech Faculty.

November/Dec 2019

Topical technology issues, cloud technology, ethics and accountability, financial modelling, and data analyst expressions.

September/October 2019

International relations, topical tech news, cyber risk in the supply chain, relative dimension in spreadsheets, and digital currency.

Chartech: July/August 2019

Tech roundup, charitable donations, sharing data from online banking, big data benefits of MTD, and mid-market tech.

Chartech: May/June 2019

In this issue we look at what the future holds for technology; Jessica Pillow offers her takeaways from the Alternative Accountancy Strategic IT Conference; useful insights from business data; GDPR one year on; streaming television; and Excel dynamic arrays.

Chartech: March/April 2019

In this issue, Richard Anning highlights how the IT Faculty has changed, spring cleaning your processes, MTD reflections, Simon Hurst explains how PivotTables can help with management reporting, and Leo Waldock discusses the recent iPhone security flaw.

Chartech: January/February 2019

In this issue, Kevin Salter assesses the benefits that have come about as a result of turning to the cloud, takeaways from the World Congress of Accountants, The world of MTD and Leo Waldock takes a closer look at email scams.