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Chartech 2021

2021 editions of Chartech, the bi-monthly magazine of the Tech Faculty.

November/December 2021

In this final edition of Chartech: tech news round-up; how will the profession look in 2051; highlights from the former Tech Faculty; practice tips; accounting for the environment; Digitalisation of tax; Cybercrime week; cloud apps; smartphones; and Excel tips reflections.

September/October 2021

In this issue: Tech Faculty is changing; topical tech news; public trust in data; cryptoassets; benefits of RPA; cyber crime insurance; hybrid working; Power Query; spyware; and data strategy

July/August 2021

In this issue: Change management; topical tech news from around the world; how and why deepfakes work; project failures; artificial intelligence; formatted accounts; cyber attack on the US's Colonial Pipeline; and technology and the BEIS White Paper on audit reform.

May/June 2021

In this issue: climate change and technology; successful accounting systems; keeping ahead of HMRC deadlines; fourth industrial revolution; protection from cyber attacks, the dark web; COVId-19 passports; and Excel Tips.

March/April 2021

In this issue: Operational efficiency; topical tech news from around the world; agility is gaining popularity; surveillance of employees; big tech regulation; lessons from the FRC's consultation; pursuit of ethical AI; app stacks; and flaws in tech.

January/February 2021

In this issue: Tech implications in the wake of the pandemic, holistic approach to tech, digital currency, future of remote auditing, forecasting, Python, and spreadsheet automation.