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The latest articles for Forensic & Expert Witness Community members.

Sanctions on Russia make waves offshore


Minimum threshold for company ownership is a potential Achilles’ heel as the evolving sanctions landscape is upping the ante on firms’ client verification processes.

Forensic and Expert Witness Accountants Wanted

Would you like to give something back to help fellow chartered accountants? If so, we’d like to hear from you.

Could you be our Subject Matter Expert

The forensic & expert witness advisory group are on the lookout for a specialist who would be interested in assisting ICAEW programme content for the community.

Bishop and Anor v Transport for London


The case concerns a firm called Metal Recycling Plc that had sought £4,177,782 in compensation from a compulsory purchase order by TfL, for land required for Crossrail. The subsequent appeal, which was rejected, was against the awarding of 80% of the costs to TfL.

Bank Mellat v Her Majestys Treasury

Court of Appeal rules against anonymised disclosure in ‘massive and complex’ case - and that, in English litigation, English law holds the trump card.

Forensic and expert witness conference

Join us on Thursday 7 November 2019 for the annual Forensic & Expert Witness Community Conference for a combination of highly relevant sessions and a wide range of specialist break-outs, all of which will be invaluable to anyone practising in the forensic accounting arena.

Please don't 'help' us draft our joint statements

In the case of BDW Trading Ltd v Integral Geotechnique (Wales) Ltd [2018] EWHC 1915 (TCC), his Honour Judge Stephen Davies considered the conduct of an expert witness who had sent the first draft of the joint statement to his instructing solicitors for their comments.

Bringing your forensic accountant to a mediation

There are many reasons why forensic accountants are invited to attend mediations but care needs to be taken not to prejudice their ability later to act as expert witnesses.

Bitcoin in divorce

Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are featuring ever more commonly in family finance cases, posing new challenges for professional advisers .

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