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Other UK regulation articles

A selection of articles on other reporting issues. They are mainly from By All Accounts, the Financial Reporting Faculty's highly acclaimed bi-annual journal.

If you'd like to read the latest edition in full or explore our archive of earlier issues, you can do so by visiting our dedicated By All Accounts page.

Integrated reporting

Neil Stevenson explains how organisations think about planning and reporting their changing story in today’s information age. (By All Accounts, January 2016).

Raising the bar

Nigel Sleigh-Johnson looks at proposals to improve the reporting quality of smaller quoted companies. (By All Accounts, January 2016).

Sense and sustainability

Interserve’s Tim Haywood explains to Nigel Sleigh-Johnson and Eddy James that a sustainable business is a good business. (By All Accounts, July 2015).

Is the EU ready for a single capital market?

Susanna Di Feliciantonio looks at the European Commission’s recent green paper on establishing a Capital Markets Union for all 28 member states. (By All Accounts, July 2015).

The bigger picture

Ross Campbell explains how the UK’s Whole of Government Accounts has evolved into a high-quality report on the public sector. (By All Accounts, July 2015).

The drive to cut the clutter

Maggie McGhee explains how clear and concise reporting is just as important in the public sector as it is in the private sector. (By All Accounts, January 2015).

The need for speed

A recent Aberdeen Group research report was the latest to argue for the need for speed. (By All Accounts, January 2015).

Two steps forward, one step back?

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Kathryn Cearns asks whether the UK’s new strategic report is beginning to improve the quality of narrative reporting. (By All Accounts, July 2014).

From compliance to communication

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Paul Druckman explains how he believes integrated reporting will change the face of corporate reporting. (By All Accounts, July 2014).

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