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Reporting business risks: meeting expectations

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  • Publish date: 17 October 2011
  • Archived on: 02 December 2017

Reporting Business Risks: Meeting Expectations analyses problems with risk reporting and recommends how it can be improved in practice.

Reporting business risks: meeting expectations

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The financial crisis has focused attention on risk and led to calls for better risk reporting. The report looks at why, in spite of the high hopes held for it, risk reporting has often proved to be disappointing in practice. It also looks at risk reporting by banks ahead of the financial crisis.

The report argues that risk reporting can be improved and puts forward seven principles for better risk reporting. These practical ideas for improvement are purely voluntary and are aimed at public companies.

A short briefing paper based on the report, Risk Reporting: Principles for Better Practice, is also available.

Further information

For further information on Reporting Business Risks, or for printed copies of the report, email bettermarkets@icaew.com.