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Brexit implications for transactions

If your business is contemplating a transaction early in 2019 – before or after the UK’s exit from the European Union (EU) – you should be aware of possible arrangements that may come into effect at the date of exit.

This downloadable know-how guide gives an outline of how Brexit will affect the legal and regulatory frameworks for common corporate transactions upon the UK’s exit from the EU in each of the two possible circumstances below:


  • with a withdrawal agreement and an implementation period (also referred to as a transition period);


  • without a withdrawal agreement and, therefore, no implementation period. This is referred to as the "no deal" scenario.

Brexit implications for transactions

Find out what you should be aware of if your business is contemplating a transaction early in 2019.

Download the full guide
The note signposts to selected published information. It may help support drafting of management or board papers, stimulate discussions with advisers and/or develop and monitor plans for business change and transactions.

The activities of identifying and evaluating all the risks associated with a transaction – not just ones resulting from regulatory changes – remain as important as ever. This note does not constitute advice and businesses contemplating a transaction should seek professional advice for the specific situation.

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