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BBHCASS – BBH Student Society

BBHCASS is the BBH Chartered Accountants’ Student Society.

The ICAEW Student Council (ISC) provides student groups, including BBHCASS, with funds to support student members by holding events such as their prestigious annual ball as well as other networking opportunities and seminars.

With over 800 trainee ICAEW Chartered Accountants, BBHCASS is keen for more students to get involved with the society, and help plan interesting and exciting activities. If you would like to know more then please contact student.groups@icaew.com.

BBHCASS Committee

Chair Tiffany Duran
Vice Chair Adam Murphy
Treasurer Kiara Hudson
Secretary Sebastian Halls
ICAEW Student Council representative Madeleine Johnson
Social media representative Madeleine Johnson
Committee members James Roe, Jenny Olleveant and Nick Burrell

To find out details of your next local event visit icaew.com/bbhevents. Read more information about services available to students or you may also like to join the student online community