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The CSRD applies to a broad range of companies. It also has extraterritorial reach and will affect certain companies outside the EU. The scope is complex, especially within group situations and where there are non-EU country parents. This page covers the scope, timing and exemptions for applying CSRD.


The following section provides a high-level introduction to key elements rather than an exhaustive list of all relevant scoping requirements. In brief, the CSRD applies to:

  • all companies that have securities listed on an EU regulated market (including listed small and medium companies);
  • all EU companies or EU companies that are a parent of a large group ('EU subgroup') that exceed two of the three following criteria (as per the Accounting Directive 2013/34/EU as amended in 2023 to increase the thresholds) on two consecutive annual balance sheet dates:
    • more than 250 employees during the financial year
    • balance sheet total of more than €25 million
    • net turnover of more than €50 million;
  • non-EU companies generating a net turnover of more than €150 million in the EU and:
    • having a subsidiary in the EU that meets the criteria applicable to EU companies (ie, being listed on an EU regulated market except micro, or being a large EU company or subgroup as per the Accounting Directive thresholds); or
    • a branch in the EU generating more than €40 million net turnover in the preceding year;
  • some small and non-complex credit institutions and some captive insurance and reinsurance undertakings.

The effective dates of application vary for different categories, as outlined below.


There are some exceptions for an in-scope EU subsidiary or EU subgroup where the EU parent undertaking produces a consolidated report in compliance with the CSRD.

Unless they reach the large undertaking threshold, an exemption applies to subsidiaries that are public interest entities. Exempted subsidiaries must include in their management report:

  • the name and registered office of the parent undertaking that is reporting sustainability information at group level
  • weblinks to the consolidated management report
  • a reference to this exemption in their own management report
  • weblinks to the applicable assurance opinion

Where significant differences are identified between the risks, opportunities and impacts of the group versus the subsidiaries, the parent company should provide an adequate understanding of the risks and impacts of their subsidiaries, including information on their due diligence processes where appropriate, within the consolidated report.

An EU subsidiary or EU sub-group exemption also applies when the parent undertaking is established in a non-EU country and reports sustainability information in accordance with European or equivalent sustainability reporting standards. No equivalence assessments have been made or are likely to be made in the immediate future, the CSRD contains transitional provisions to enable EU subsidiaries to report according to EU standards.

It should be noted that this is not an exhaustive list of available reporting exemptions.


EU countries are expected to complete the transposition of the CSRD into national law by July 2024. The effective dates for companies in scope are being phased in, by financial year starting on or after, as follows:

1 January 2024 For companies that are already within the scope of the EU 2014 Non-Financial Reporting Directive (ie, all large public-interest companies with more than 500 employees) and large issuers with more than 500 employees
1 January 2025 For all other large EU undertakings or large EU groups, as well as all other non-EU large undertakings or large groups listed on an EU regulated market (including large EU subsidiaries of non-EU parent companies)
1 January 2026 For small and medium-sized companies listed on an EU regulated market, plus EU small and non-complex credit institutions as well as captive insurance undertakings*
1 January 2028 For in-scope non-EU companies which generate €150m net turnover in the EU and that have at least one entity in the group in scope of the CSRD, or a relevant branch

*A transitional two-year opt-out option is available for listed small and medium companies, provided their management reports include an explanation of why the required information is not given.

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