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Review visits

You will receive a visit from us at least once every three years where we will review and monitor your compliance with our training standards.

Objectives and notification

These visits are designed to:

  • provide additional support and practical advice;
  • update you on training issues;
  • gain feedback from you on how ACA training is going; and
  • ensure you continue to meet our training standards.

We will write to the qualified person responsible for training (QPRT) or authorised training principal to advise that a review visit is due. One of our Training and CPD Managers will carry out the visit and they will contact the QPRT or principal to arrange a convenient time.

An office may also be selected for a review and support visit if there has been a change in the circumstances of your organisation (for example, change of business activity or management buy-out), change of QPRT or we have received information from other ICAEW departments such as our Professional Standards department.

Please note that if you refuse to meet with our Training and CPD Manager it is likely that your training status will be withdrawn and you will no longer be able to train ACA students.

Preparing for a visit

We do not intend to burden you with excessive processes or forms to complete, but you will need to have some key documents ready in time. The Training and CPD Manager will request to see your latest training agreements and the QPRT’s or principal’s record of CPD activity.

You may also like to remind yourself of our training standards.

After the visit

You will receive a letter confirming that your authorisation to train ACA students is continued together with a new authorised training employer certificate. We will also ask you to complete a short feedback questionnaire to help us to improve our service.