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Your ongoing commitment

The ACA training agreement requires your students to take responsibility for most of their development during training. This helps to reduce the administrative time for you.

Depending on the content of the training agreement you and your students have signed, you may have some ongoing responsibilities.

Paying for student training fees

Some fees for ACA training are payable to us, for example, the annual student registration fee, exam entry costs, credit for prior learning fees and ACA learning materials when required. Tuition costs are payable directly to your chosen tuition provider.

Please note that the ACA training agreement you have signed with your student will provide specific details of what is and is not included in your students' study package and will explain what is and is not paid for with regards to study leave and associated study costs.

Student registration fee

An ACA student is required to pay an annual fee to us so they can continue their studies and training. As the employer or principal, you can decide who pays your students' annual registration fee. Please note that invoices are issued in December each year.

Exam entry fees

Students must apply for exams themselves. Some employers and principals will agree to pay these costs, so you will need to discuss this with your students. Exam fees are paid to us at the time of booking.

Credit for prior learning fees

Up to 12 modules of the ACA exams are eligible for credit for prior learning. Students need to apply for any credit for prior learning (CPL) if relevant. However, you can decide whether you are happy for your students to apply. 

You may decide that your should students take all exams irrespective of any previous learning. We recommend that any credits are claimed and processed before studies commence.

Tuition fees

These are payable directly with your chosen tuition provider. Fees may vary according to location and chosen tuition model. Some tuition providers will include the cost of the ACA learning materials within their costs to you, so you will need to check this with them.

Six-monthly reviews

Regular reviews and feedback on progress with your students is an essential part of the ACA training. These must take place at least every six months throughout the training agreement. The purpose of six-monthly reviews is to discuss their progress with all elements of the ACA and study plans.

This helps you monitor their progress, provide additional assistance or development plans where necessary and ensure that your student is on track to qualify as a chartered accountant.

Amendments to a training agreement

ATPs are required to notify us immediately of any changes to their students training agreement. Email us on studentsupport@icaew.com, call +44 (0)1908 248 250 or download and complete the relevant sections of the amendment to a training agreement form.