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What is the AAT to ACA Fast Track route?

The AAT to ACA Fast Track Route is a quick and efficient route into chartered accountancy. Discover why it's a popular route with employers and how it could benefit you and your team.

This route has been developed with AAT to allow your team to progress from Level 4 AAT onto chartered accountancy - quickly and efficiently. Through this route, you can train staff on the ACA so they can qualify as ICAEW Chartered Accountants in as little as two years, adding value to your organisation and helping you develop your business. 

What does Fast Track mean?

The starting point for this route is the Level 4 AAT qualification. Instead of starting the ACA qualification from scratch, this route enables eligible staff to skip some training steps towards qualifying as an ICAEW Chartered Accountant, as they will have covered similar ground through their AAT qualification.

Their prior knowledge, work experience and skills mean they can accelerate (or fast-track) towards chartered accountancy. 

Who is the AAT to ACA Fast Track Route for?

The Fast Track route is a great option for:

  • Level 4 AAT trainees
  • AAT-qualified or AAT members
  • Level 3 AAT trainees*

*Even though the key qualification for this route is the Level 4 AAT, you can still take steps to prepare any Level 3 trainees to later put them on the fast track route. Find out more on the "How does the route work?" page.

What are the benefits of the ACA Fast Track Route?

This progression route has been one of the most popular and successful routes into chartered accountancy. This is no surprise as it:

  • Provides a fast and smooth transition – your employees can progress onto the ACA easily and efficiently.
  • Helps trainees fully qualify after AAT in as little as two years – some ACA requirements have been completed through the AAT Level 4, which can lead to reduced costs and training time.
  • Takes into consideration existing knowledge and skills – the route builds on the fundamental knowledge and skills gained through the AAT qualification to enable your employees to think strategically, problem-solve and manage risks all while maintaining the highest ethical standards.
  • Increases the potential for your trainees to succeed at chartered level training – AAT-qualified and members already have the knowledge and understanding to successfully complete the ACA.

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