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AAT-ACA Fast Track

Take your AAT trainees and members all the way to chartered accountancy in as little as two years.

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Explore the benefits of the AAT-ACA Fast Track route


Reduced training times

AAT trainees can benefit from exemptions and qualify in as little as two years.


Fast and smooth transition

Your trainees can progress onto the ACA easily and efficiently.


Gain a chartered accountant

Your trainees will learn to think strategically, problem-solve and manage risks.

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The AAT-ACA Fast Track route at a glance

Instead of starting the ACA from scratch, your AAT trainees can apply for exemptions towards some of the exams and practical work experience requirements of the ACA, accelerating them towards a career as an ICAEW Chartered Accountant.

Who is the AAT-ACA Fast Track route for?

You can offer this route to Level 4 AAT trainees, AAT members or AAT-qualified individuals.

How long does it take?

Depending on how many exemptions your trainee is eligible for, the AAT-ACA Fast Track route can take as little as two years.

The four elements of the ACA

The ACA is made up of four elements, each designed to build the technical knowledge, professional skills, and practical experience your student needs to become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant.

  • Practical work experience

    ACA students need to complete a minimum of 450 days of practical work experience as part of their training. This does not need to include audit work.

    Individuals with a Level 4 AAT qualification may be eligible to claim up to 12 months credit for prior work experience.

  • The ACA exams

    The ACA is made up of 15 exams spread over three levels: the Certificate Level, the Professional Level, and the Advanced Level. Each exam has been designed to fit students practical experience as they progress through the qualification and gain an in-depth knowledge of accountancy, finance, and business.

    Students may be able to claim up to 12 exam exemptions depending on their previous studies and experience. Students on the AAT to ACA Fast Track route may be able to claim up to 5 exam exemptions depending on their previous studies and experience. 

  • Professional development

    ICAEW Chartered Accountants are known for their professionalism and expertise, building trust, spotting, and communicating risks and utilising technology. Students are required to work their way through seven professional skills areas to prepare them for the situations they will encounter throughout their career in accountancy.

  • Ethics and professional scepticism

    Ethics is integrated throughout the ACA, developing trusted advisors who know how to make ethical decisions and justify them. Throughout their training, students will learn the principles that underpin the ICAEW Code of Ethics, and importantly, they will learn how to apply these principles via an Ethics Learning Programme, a series of Ethics in Practice scenarios and the exams.

Meet our employers

I truly believe the ACA makes you a better accountant. It gives you that superior level of understanding, and the confidence to speak to clients.

Keith Willis, Keith Willis Associates

Keith Willis Associates

The AAT-ACA Fast Track enables Keith Willis to mould trainees for his successful small practice – and pass on his passion for the profession.

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Getting started with the AAT-ACA Fast Track route

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How the AAT to ACA Fast Track route works

An overview to the AAT-ACA Fast Track route. Find out what it is, how it works and what's involved.

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Why choose the ACA

Attract top quality professionals to your organisation. Discover the benefits ACA training can bring to your business.

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Become authorised to train

You must become an Authorised Training Employer to train ACA students. Find out what is involved and how to apply.

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Level 7 Accountancy Professional Apprenticeship

Organisations in England can access government funding and offer this route as a Level 7 apprenticeship.

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