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Set up an apprenticeship with ICAEW

Setting up an apprenticeship with us is easy and straight-forward. Our Business Development team will be with you every step of the way and can advise you on what your options are based on your needs.

You can set up an apprenticeship programme within your organisation in five simple steps:

1. Assess your business needs

There are two different programmes you can choose from, the Level 4 Accounting Technician apprenticeship and the Level 7 Accountancy Professional apprenticeship. At the end of the Level 4 programme, your students will be eligible to apply for the BFP designation, while the Level 7 sets students well on their way to chartered accountant status and gives you the option to offer the ACA on a government-funded programme.

2. Contact our Business Development team

Our Business Development team covers all areas in England. They are here to help you decide what option works best for your business and to ensure you get all the support you need from ICAEW. You can contact one of our members by emailing us.

3. Become an Authorised Training Employer (ATE)

In order to offer our apprenticeships, you will need to become authorised by ICAEW. You can find out more about becoming an ATE in the relevant area.

4. Select a tuition provider

The tuition provider monitors a great part of the apprenticeship process and will help you review your apprentice's performance and ensure they are adhering to their 20% off-the-job training. Have a look at ESFA's register to check if the tuition provider of your choice has been approved

5. Recruit an apprentice or transfer existing employees onto an apprenticeship

The last step is for you to find the right candidate for your programme, whether that's an existing member of staff or a new recruit. We can support you in different ways: we can advertise your vacancy on our website or help you identify new talent straight from school. Find out more about the support we will provide you.