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This section provides guidance and information about interviews and assessment centres.

Before you get to interview stage

To maximise your changes of gaining a job interview, you need to have written a great CV and made sure you have applied for relevant jobs including any relevant jobs within the ‘hidden job market’. Have you listened to our podcast series on ‘The ICAEW guide to successful job hunting’ – this will help you understand the job market especially the ‘hidden job market’, how to be an effective job hunter and how to impress throughout the application process. 

Practice, practice, practice

We all know that interview practice is a vital part of interview preparation, so you can now practice your skills, psychometric tests and assessment centre group exercises before you attend an interview.

Top reasons why people fail at interview

Interview bad habits – what are yours?

From swivelling your chair throughout an interview to waffling through your answers or revealing yourself to be a poor communicator – learn about some of the things you may inadvertently do at interview and why it could lead employers to reject your application at the interview stage.

Assessment centres

Many organisations will include an assessment centre as part of their recruitment and selection process. Assessment centres bring multiple candidates together in one location and are designed to assess how each candidate demonstrates the range of skills, behaviours and personal attributes that are required for the job.

What recruitment agencies don’t tell you

CABA offers some fantastic insight into the ‘hidden job market’ and how to access the jobs that recruitment agencies never tell you about.