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Outsourcing has become a common occurrence over the last ten years with increasing numbers of both public and private sectors organisations in the UK adopting an outsourcing approach. This eBook covers the fundamentals for success and offers examples of good practice throughout all stages of the outsourcing lifecycle.

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Andrew W. Smith, Karen Meenderink, Mark Sykes, Dennis Horner
ICSA Publishing Ltd, 2014

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1. Essentials

Part 1 explains what outsourcing is and why it is needed, the pros and cons, the challenges to be faced and the questions to ask.

2. The outsourcing lifecycle

Part 2 explains the outsourcing lifecycle in the eight phases of: strategy, target operating model, making a decision, design, selecting a provider, transition, management, and review and renewal. In each phase the steps are described, the outputs specified and potential problems and remedies discussed.

3. Contract management and service level agreements

Part 3 defines and explains contract management and service level agreements (SLAs) and the rationale behind them. Details are given on how to prepare an SLA.

4. Outsourcing in practice

Part 4 tackles outsourcing in practice, defining the concept in a number of functional areas. It considers in particular how organisations outsource their accounting and compliance services on a global scale and looks at the various models adopted. It also provides a view on the future direction of outsourcing local finance and accounting compliance globally.

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