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eBooks from ICSA: the governance institute

We offer instant, full text access to a collection of eBooks published by ICSA: the Governance Institute and an assortment of customisable documents that support these titles. These eBooks are available for download by ICAEW members and ACA students.

ICAEW members and ACA students are permitted to view, print and download these eBooks subject to the conditions set out in the terms of use, copyright statement and disclaimers for each title.

Acquisitions and disposals by listed companies

Summarises the legal and regulatory issues a listed company needs to consider when contemplating a significant corporate transaction.

Anti-money laundering

Focuses on the UK's AML regime but also provides an introduction to the key concepts of the counter-terrorist financing (CTF) regime, which often overlap.


A guide to the new auto-enrolment legislation aimed at company secretaries and employers.

Boardroom disputes

Designed to assist boards with the issues and legal considerations involved in boardroom disputes.

Bribery Act, The

An overview of the offences in the UK relating to bribery, corruption, the Fraud Act and money laundering.

Building a resilient organisation

How to build a prosperous and sustainable business.

Changing auditors

Provides an explanation of the statutory rules on auditor appointment, the termination of the old auditor’s appointment, and professional and contractual matters.

Changing your group structures

Looks at the challenges involved in corporate restructuring, recapitalisation and large-scale change management.

Charity law and governance: a practical guide

Guidance on the legal and regulatory framework within which both registered and unregistered charities in England and Wales operate.

Companies limited by guarantee

A guide to the incorporation and structure of a CLG and its managerial functions.

Company filings

Practical guide to company filing in the UK, covering when and how to file company information.

Company secretary's handbook (11th edition)

An authoritative guide to company secretarial practice. Detailed commentary is accompanied by over 80 precedents. The 5th edition of this title is available through our Ebook Central subscription.

Corporate governance handbook

The ICSA Corporate Governance Handbook provides full explanations of the statutory and regulatory regime applicable to listed companies but also addresses how governance best practice might be applied by private companies, including subsidiaries.

Corporate insolvency

Looks at the law of corporate insolvency in England and Wales.

Creating and implementing an ethics policy

A framework for writing and implementing the best corporate ethics policy for an organisation.

Director's guide (5th edition)

The ICSA Director's Guide explains all the core duties and liabilities of being a director from appointment to resignation, including disclosures, shareholder relations and corporate governance.

Directors' disclosures

Overview of the disclosure requirements for directors of a UK-incorporated company.

Directors' remuneration

Overview of the legislation and regulatory regime relating to directors' remuneration for UK companies..

Dividend payments

Looks at the steps involved in paying dividends and the rules that restrict the amounts companies can pay out.

Employee share schemes

Accounting treatment, tax relief and reporting obligations for employee share schemes.

Environmental reporting

Covers on environmental reporting requirements in the UK, including the measurement of environmental impacts.

How to run a charity (2nd edition)

This guide offers practical support and advice to anyone involved in the management and administration of charities

Non-executive director's handbook (4th edition)

An essential source of reference and route map for the position of Non-executive director. Contains case studies and checklists throughout.


Looks at the fundamentals for outsourcing success and offers examples of good practice throughout the outsourcing lifecycle.

Statutory registers

Considers the provisions of the Companies Act relating to the establishment and maintenance of statutory registers.

Subsidiary governance

Offers practical tips for establishing an effective corporate governance framework.