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What are the requirements?

This page goes through the requirements for this route into membership and what you will need to complete to submit your application.

The Pathways to Membership scheme application consists of three main elements, which need to be completed and then submitted all together.

The requirements are:

  1. The Examination of Experience
  2. A Letter of Good Standing
  3. A Signed Sponsor Form

In some cases, you may also need a Practising Certificate or an Auditing Qualification. Find out whether you need one and what you will have to do.

Below is an overview of each element.

1) Examination of Experience

The Pathways scheme is based on professional experience - this means that you don’t have to study for an exam or complete a qualification, but rather reflect on what you’ve done professionally in the last five years and clearly demonstrate, in writing, your skills in different areas.

The document that you need to complete is the Examination of Experience (EoE) – a series of robust questions where applicants show their experience and achievements over the last five years as evidence to demonstrate they are qualified by experience, and meet the appropriate standards for membership of ICAEW.

This Examination assesses the same professional skills as those that are examined at the ACA Case Study. This includes: planning and analytical skills, professional judgement, quality of thought and awareness of current and technical issues.

2) Letter of Good Standing

As part of your Pathways application, you must provide a letter of good standing from the professional body that entitles you to apply for Pathways. This letter must be issued and dated within the three months immediately before the Pathways deadline date that you are submitting at. This letter from your professional body must confirm all of the following to be valid:

  • That you are a member of that body
  • The date and year you were admitted into membership
  • That membership has been gained by the normal education and training route (you may need to ask them for transcripts to evidence this)
  • That you have a good disciplinary record with no outstanding complaints against you, or advise us of the details of any disciplinary record or outstanding complaint(s)
  • That you are fully compliant with the continuing professional development (CPD) requirements of that body
  • That this professional body knows of no ethical or other reason why you should not be admitted to ICAEW

Please note that your application will be invalid if you are unable to provide a letter of good standing or if it does not confirm all of the items shown in the list above.

3) Signed Sponsor Form

In order to apply for the Pathways scheme, your application will also need to be supported by a sponsor who will fill in a form to be submitted along with the rest of the documents.

Find out more about the role of the sponsor and who can be one.