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Tips on how to increase your fuel economy

At Hertz we’re always on the lookout for ways to help our customers improve their driving experiences.

Fuel prices, the chance of petrol shortages and the ever-growing focus on sustainability make greener and more economical driving a priority for motorists. Making your tank go that extra mile will help you reduce costs and also ensure you get more for your money. Of course, driving more efficiently also results in less carbon coming from your car and less environmental harm.

So, how do you make your fuel go further?

Weight adds to cost

Excess weight in a car means the car is less efficient. If an engine has to pull a few extra hundred kilogrammes it will be harder on fuel. Clearing out your car can make for a more efficient drive and increase efficiency.

Roof racks, bike racks and roof boxes are some of the most common items that add to weight outside. These also add to aerodynamic drag and so also reduce efficiency.

Internally, ridding the car of shopping, golf clubs and other items you may never use can increase engine efficiency.


Checking up on your car and maintaining it is also a great way to lower fuel costs.

Poorly tuned engines run richly and burn excessive fuel. Add to this under pumped tyres and even dirty oil filters and you may not be getting the efficiency your car is capable of. These may cost a little bit of time and money, but they save in the long term.


Sitting in traffic or driving at a snail’s pace in rush hour is a killer for fuel and really can decrease the MPG count.

Avoid rush hour when possible and try to take smoother routes. If you think you are going to be stuck in traffic for an excessive amount of time then turn off your engine. It reduces the burning of fuel needlessly and saves money.

When driving try and ensure you are using the highest gear possible as most cars burn most efficiently at 1500-2000RPM.

Also don’t go too hard on the accelerator pedal. Gradual speed increases reduce fuel usage; so try and avoid putting the pedal to the metal.

Plan your route

Don’t get lost. This may seem a little obvious, but planning your route can save on a significant amount of fuel and over 350,000 tons are burned by driving mistakes.

Nowadays phones have amazing GPS and can even tell you the best routes to avoid traffic - use this information as power and save yourself money.

Saving money when driving is a gradual process but with better habits it can really add up over a period.

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