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As you are aware, the team has faced significant issues with movement of the work and redeployment of staff to man COVID helplines, however, they are working hard to progress cases and payments to IPs.

A solution is being tested that should allow them to significantly increase the number of payments that can be made. If testing is successful, this solution will be immediately implemented next week, and that increase in payments should make a significant difference to you.

However, the team have noted that the phone lines are very busy with progress chasing calls, and whilst we completely understand and appreciate IPs want to get updates on their claims, the volume of calls is slowing the level of progress the team can make with the increase in payments out. The team are currently on track towards processing cases within 30 days by the end of October and are monitoring the situation closely with a view to re-assessing resources each week. They will be able to achieve this if the volume of progress chasing calls could be limited to urgent cases only, or, alternatively, escalated to the Insolvency Customer Service manager via ICAEW using this form.

We would be very grateful for your co-operation with this request.