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Audit insights: industry sectors

Audit insight reports on industry sectors including retail, charities, manufacturing and more.

Audit insights on construction: bidding for lasting value, delivering for success

Audit and Assurance Faculty March 2019

When construction companies and clients get it right – through project selection based on their ability to deliver, responsible tendering, diligent monitoring, and a proactive attitude to deal with issues such as cost and timetable overruns – they create contracts that are more profitable and provide more enduring value to society.

Audit insights: charities - positive impacts in challenging times

Audit and Assurance Faculty May 2017

Charities play a significant role in the fabric of our national life, but they are being scrutinised more closely than ever. In this Audit insight, ICAEW has collated the expert knowledge of external auditors and ICAEW specialist staff to set out a series of recommendations to help charities to demonstrate their positive impact and become more resilient and transparent.

Running a small business

Audit and Assurance Faculty July 2016

Audit insights: small businesses highlight opportunities and pitfalls in running a small business. It advises SMEs to plan realistically; build digital skills to match growth aspirations; anticipate cash collection delays; and develop mental agility.

Delivering a construction sector fit for future

Audit and Assurance Faculty May 2014

Here we identify five areas of interest to construction businesses, clients, investors and policy-makers. These are: work, collaboratively to help plan for the future; procure and bid responsibly and deliver consistently; address the shortage of skilled labour; be more transparent in reporting; and invest information systems.

Manufacturing: a roller-coaster sector

Audit and Assurance Faculty July 2013

Audit insights: manufacturing highlights four burning issues: the highly cyclical nature of the sector; funding requirements; attracting, retaining and rewarding people; and management information and IT systems.


Implementing leasing standards (IFRS 16)

Audit and Assurance Faculty March 2017

This report, Audit insights retails - are you ready for a radical change, helps retailers and external users of accounts to understand some of the important issues that need to be addressed as the standard is implemented.

Like-for-like retail sales is not the only story

Audit and Assurance Faculty January 2016

Retailers’ profit margins are addressed in this Audit insights: retail report as we focus on three key impact areas: changing business models; the living wage; and the volatility of foreign exchanges.