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Audit and Beyond July/August 2021

In this issue: What does project management mean for auditors? How to welcome employees back to the office - and avoid re-entry syndrome. Technology can transform audit. Here's how to make the most of it. A guide to identifying and assessing risks under the revised ISA 315. An update on proposals for UK audit reform and John Selwood reports on breaches of the Ethical Standards, plus ICAEW's rules on misconduct.

How to improve audits with project management
Firms of all sizes can benefit from effective audit project management.

How to get the most out of technology in audit
There are many technologies with the potential to enhance audit efficiency and quality. 

Revised ISA 315 Key steps for implementing the new requirements
The way auditors identify and assess risk is changing.

UK audit reform an update on proposals
Stay up to date on proposals to reform audit and corporate governance. 

What is re-entry syndrome
The new normal will require new management skills. ICAEW offers expert insights to help auditors avoid 're-entry syndrome'

Question corner
John Selwood addresses some queries on the Ethical Standard and on non-audit assurance engagements.


Audit & Beyond July/August 2021

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