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COVID - 19 FRC Bulletin

Author: Audit and Assurance Faculty

Published: 08 Apr 2020

ICAEW’s Audit and Assurance Faculty shares a recording of its recent webinar which discusses the FRC’s March 2020 COVID-19 Bulletin.

First broadcast 8 April 2020

Webinar recording

In this webcast, hosted by the ICAEW Audit and Assurance Faculty, Mark Babington, Acting Executive Director, Regulatory Standards of the FRC presents on the March 2020 coronavirus bulletin, discussing the following topics:

  • Purpose of the bulletin;
  • Communication with those charged with governance;
  • Obtaining sufficient, appropriate evidence;
  • Going concern;
  • Report modifications; and
  • Subsequent events.

The presentation is followed by a short Q&A session of pre-submitted questions from Audit and Assurance Faculty members. As mention in this webcast if you have any questions or comments on this topic, please feel free to submit them to the Audit and Assurance Faculty at tdaf@icaew.com. They will inform our future work in this area.

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