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Business and Management May 2020

This issue includes: How to start your own business, mental health awareness, creating a succession plan, how accountants are changing, the business model of sport, how the luxury market works, the economic impact of Covid-19.

How to start your own business
Advice on how to go it alone, from someone who has.

Mental health awareness
Resources to keep on top of your mental health.

Creating a succession plan
Having a succession plan is vital for all businesses, start yours here.

How accountants are changing
A look at how the ACA is adapting to produce the future accountant.

The business model of sport
A fascinating look at how sports teams run their business.

How the luxury market works
A look at this opaque and mysterious industry.

The economic impact of Covid-19
A look and what ramifications the pandemic will have on the economy?

Business & Management May 2020