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Special Report - Commercial insight

This special report explores how to be more commercial to add value and generate profit for your firm.

Recruiters are looking for commercial FDs
You need commercial knowledge for that step up, say the experts

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Wanted: the all-round Finance Manager
Understanding business challenges is essential for the Finance team

Acquire a broader perspective
The best ways to develop valuable insights.

Can FDs be truly commercial?
Or is it just a case of saying 'yes' to the CEO? Find out.

Collaboration between marketing and finance is essential
It can be difficult, but dialogue can make winners of both.

Recruiters are looking for commercial FDs
Top tips from ACAS

Improving employee engagement
An Employee Director can make the difference

These additional articles can be found in the pdf of the full special report:

  • UK CFO insight – no quick bounce back in the next year
  • Global CFOs see need for agile planning in the downturn
  • Lessons of COVID-19: Building a resilient finance function
  • UK CEOs given a ‘licence to change’
Commercial insight report