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Special report 65 - Smart reporting

This special report will be a handy go-to guide – we take you through the latest techniques and thinking behind the new smart world with which CFOs, and aspiring CFOs, must contend.

Business reporting

Essentials of financial reporting, including micro entity reports, the visual impact of reports and lean accounting.

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Accounting disrupted

This book delivers a powerful analysis of the new technological forces buffeting the accounting profession and identifies key pathways to responding to the challenges. [It] shows readers how established business fundamentals are being eclipsed and that accounting has not been spared. You'll learn: how the new realities of digitalization, including big data and AI, are affecting audit work and financial management practices; how learning fast about and from more diverse data sources is essential to the new accounting environment; why accounting information must start to speak to what will take place rather than about financial activities that have occurred; what finance must do in a world of changing risks, data growth, fast digitization, and increased regulation.

Analytics and big data for accountants

This book will help accountants and financial managers better understand big data and analytics, including its history and current trends. It dives into the platforms and operating tools that will help you measure program impacts and ROI, visualize data and business processes, and uncover the relationship between key performance indicators.

Digital finance: big data, start-ups, and the future of financial services

This book takes a thoughtful look at how the industry is evolving, and it explains how to integrate concepts of digital finance into existing traditional finance platforms. It explores what successful companies are doing to maximize their opportunities in this context and offers suggestions on how to introduce digital finance into a firm's structure. Specific strategies for a digital future are presented, alongside numerous case studies that explore key attributes of success.

Data visualisation with Python: create an impact with meaningful data insights using interactive and engaging visuals

Understand, explore, and effectively present data using the powerful data visualization techniques of Python programming.

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Industry press

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Beating the data storage bottleneck

Article discusses the explosion in data that is driving demand for faster computing and larger storage and the developments that are on their way.

Act or be acted upon: Revolutionizing accounting curriculums with data analytics

The authors propose a new, revolutionized accounting curriculum focusing on using data analytics and incorporating the use of real-world data.

Data warehouse storage: has the cloud made on-premises obsolete?

Article looks at how the development of cloud services has matured to the level where data warehousing provision is an obvious next step to store an organisation's data lake.

Five key points about unstructured data storage

Article discusses the possible challenges faced by companies in managing their unstructured data, as well as the potential benefits of unstructured data in business success.

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