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Dealing with conflict

Matthew Leitch on how wargaming might help finance managers deal with everyday conflicts.

Most finance managers do not work in a war zone and are not in physical danger. Most of us have colleagues who are friendly and supportive. And yet there can be rivalry, competition and maybe even resentment and anger.

Much of the conflict experienced by people in finance is commercial. We deal with competitors offering new products or changing their prices, we negotiate with customers and suppliers over prices and terms, and play cat-and-mouse with reluctant debtors and impatient creditors.

Within our own organisations we tussle with other departments, compete for promotion with rivals, negotiate pay and deadlines with employees and our bosses, sometimes struggle to get the whole truth from people, and always must be wary of fraud and theft.

This is an extract from Business and Management Magazine, Issue 278, October 2019.

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