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Do public speaking better

Public speaking can be difficult. Some fail to grab their audience, while others can’t bring themselves to face the task at all. Here, seasoned TedTalk contributors Graham Shaw and Lindsay Maclean talk about overcoming these barriers to presenting

When it comes to doing a presentation it's critical to captivate your audience - especially within the first 30 seconds. In order to do this, you should use attention-grabbers - something that can capture the interests of who you are speaking to. By linking the attention grabber to your message, you can maximise its impact.

But why is it necessary to captivate your audience in the first 30 seconds? There are several reasons. To begin with, your actions within that time can greatly influence an audience's perception. That audience is also likely to remember what's first, as well as what's different.

On top of that, use of the aforementioned attention-grabbers can create excitement, concern and astonishment.

Creating a link to your topic from the attention-grabber is key and prevents any unnecessary confusion. For example, you could do a magic umbrella trick during your presentation, but while it may capture the attention of your audience, it may leave them slightly confused if there is not an explicit link.

This is an extract from the Business & Management Magazine, Issue 275, June 2019.

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