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Clarify and understand your objectives

The evolving role of the CFO

Why FP&A is vital to the progressive CFO


ICAEW 02-06-2020

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Sustainability and the future of business

ICAEW 19-06-2020

19 June 2020: The UN's 17 sustainable development goals provide a framework that businesses can use to consider the sustainability of their strategies as we emerge from the pandemic.

How to manage rapid growth

Nick Pollit Business and Management ICAEW 02-08-2019

Nick Pollit explores how businesses can effectively manage rapid growth.

Strategic decision making

Matthew Leitch Business and Management ICAEW 10-11-2017

Clear presentation of alternatives and unknowns is a vital prerequisite for strategic decision-making.

Special report - Growing your business

ICAEW Business and Management Faculty ICAEW 10-09-2014

This report is primarily aimed at smaller businesses seeking to grow and develop and to achieve their full potential through practical guidance and advice.

Developing a vision for your business

ICAEW Business and Management Faculty ICAEW 13-06-2014

This special report looks at what makes a good vision, the benefits of having one, the role of the FD in the process, leadership, storytelling and the use of visions in medium-sized businesses.

Special Report 47: Smarter business planning

Finance & Management Faculty ICAEW 15-12-2014

Creating a written business plan offers the opportunity for an enterprise to clarify and understand it's objectives before exposing them to a wider group. This report will help to draw up your plans and offer some ideas which you haven't considered.

Special Report - Strategic planning

ICAEW Business and Management Faculty ICAEW 01-05-2004

A special report on strategic choices, the role of the finance director and the core elements of corporate strategy.