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Defining your company’s approach to business

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Strategy tools


Ensure your strategy takes into account the political, economic, societal, technological, environmental and legal context.


The European Foundation for Quality Management approach to achieving excellence.


How to formulate a winning strategy

Many companies struggle to develop a competitive corporate strategy and set a clear direction for managers and employees. Formulation almost poses as many challenges for business leaders as implementation. This chapter argues for a back-to-basics approach based on four fundamental questions: whom do we serve, what do we provide, what is our value proposition, and what is our operating model?

Business strategy

This chapter deals with an organization's plan for achieving its goals, implementing that plan, managing environmental demands, and maximising core competencies. Strategy analysis starts with an examination of the external internal environments, determining where the company wants to be and developing a mission statement.

Strategic planning approaches for product differentiation and innovation

This chapter presents an overview of the various approaches to strategic planning and the associated business literature. It includes useful tables to explain the key concepts and how they work in practice.

Grow by focusing on what matters: competitive strategy in 3 circles

Guide to business growth from a US perspective.

Industry press

Calculation and creativity in corporate strategy

Developing a corporate strategy requires a dose of creativity in addition to thoughtful analysis.

How to create a strategy for the digital age

The article discusses the best practices which are to be considered by information technology leaders like chief information officers (CIOs) for creating a business strategy in the modern world which is governed by digital technology. Topics discussed include leadership team collaboration, formulating organic strategies and talent development by assessing customer requirements

Why digital strategies fail

The article discusses the reasons why digital transformation strategies do not reflect how digital is changing economic fundamentals, industry dynamics, or what it means to compete. Topics mentioned include the estimated number of digital devices that are expected to be connected by 2025, the concept of economic rent in microeconomics, and the negative effects of digital competition on a company's growth in earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization.

The integration of ERM and strategy: Implications for corporate governance

Interviews with 15 enterprise risk management (ERM) champions who provide insights on how far the ERM process is integrated with the strategic-planning processes of their firms.

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