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Listen to previous recordings from the Charity Financial Professional Community.

Top tips for using Excel | 21 May 2020

Join David Lyford-Smith for this webinar exploring some Excel tips and tricks that you can use to improve your efficiency and reduce spreadsheet risk.

Charity Commission update on the implications of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) | 24 April 2020

In this update, Nigel Davies, Head of accountancy Services, Charity Commission will look at: - The latest Commission guidance to assist trustees - The SORP-making body's guidance on the implications for financial reporting - The UK Charity Regulators' update for auditors and independent examiners - Other resources to help charities including information on government financial assistance

COVID-19: impact to charities and the government initiatives available to charities

The coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the lives of everyone across the country. Many working in the charity sector are expressing great concern about how to respond to the outbreak, including the implications for their organisation and their beneficiaries. Daniel Chan, Senior Manager at PwC, will explore the latest issues surrounding COVID-19 and the charity sector.

Charity Commission – Regulatory Roundup | 05 December 2019

In his review of the year, Nigel Davies, Head of Accountancy Services, Charity Commission for England and Wales will recap on updates to Commission guidance, research findings and case highlights relevant to auditors, independent examiners and practitioners. In particular he will look at the new benchmark for external scrutiny and its place in the Commission’s regulatory approach to charity reports and accounts. He will also provide an overview of the second edition of the charities SORP (FRs 102) and review changes to the process for developing the Charities SORP.

Charity Commission Guidance on Cyber crime | 21 November 2019

The Charity Commission publication “Preventing Charity Cybercrime 2019” highlights the findings from the largest ever survey on cybercrime against charities. In this webinar hear from the report’s author, Alan Bryce, Head of Development, Counter Fraud & Cybercrime at the Charity Commission, on the main cyber threats and learn more about the steps charities can take to avoid becoming a victim.

Key issues arising from recent Commission operational reports | 15 October 2019

This webinar looks at a number of recent Operational Case reports published by the commission and consider how these would inform internal and external audit work in the sector. The topics covered include conflicts of interest and how to manage them, property purchase and sale, charity rationalisation and merger, and the charity governance code.

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