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Swimming not sinking

Every August most of Europe has a break – and I suspect this year many people in the UK will have taken that as an opportunity to think about what happens next after the result of the 23 June referendum.

Many professionals involved in corporate finance will no doubt have been taking stock too. As I write, I’m just completing a trip to north east Italy. Provided you avoid the beaches, August is a great time to spend two weeks bonding with your children, as they plead “not another church”.

Venice however is constantly teeming with tourists, like me and the family. ‘Modern Venice’ – if there is such a thing – is in fact a living monument to its own history as a merchant city that once controlled trade between East and West.

In this issue of Corporate Financier, our cover story (pages 16-22) features the views on Brexit of several senior corporate finance specialists at faculty member firms. We asked them about the likely impact on M&A, capital and debt markets in the UK, and what should be considered by politicians when they negotiate.

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