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Review of Private Equity Demystified

Alice Murray, founding editor of private equity title The Drawdown reviews the fourth edition of Private Equity Demystified in which John Gilligan and the late Professor Mike Wright explain the asset class.

Review of Private Equity Demystified image 2021The fourth edition of Private Equity Demystified encompasses a vast array of the complexities of private equity (PE), from the technical intricacies of deal-doing to the role of debt, and the industry’s impact on the wider economy. Like the previous three editions, this is a practical and informative guide. It has just been published by Oxford University Press and is on the academic reading lists of business schools across the world.

Those who will benefit most from this book are undoubtedly existing investors, advisers and those who are considering allocating capital to the asset class for the first time. As alternative assets become a larger component of investors’ portfolios, the nuances and intricacies of PE investing have required a deeper contextual understanding.