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Riva Properties Limited and Foster and Partners [2017] EWHC 2574 (TCC)

The case of Riva Properties related to alleged failings by the world-renowned architects, Foster and Partners, in respect of a Five-Star hotel to be built close to Heathrow Airport by a relatively modestly sized property developer, Mr Dhanoa.

Experts can find themselves in especially hot water if they give any indications that their dispassionate opinions are tainted by the adversarial process. In a previous article Dr J was castigated by the Court for acting as an advocate for his client (in addition to a catalogue of other failings).

The written decision is laced with comments that Foster and Partners demonstrated a colourfully condescending attitude as they gazed down on their client. They viewed from on high the retention of a bowling alley as part of the development with detached amusement: to them this symbolised the rather plebeian foundations of Mr Dhanoa’s business experience and aspirations.