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Shareholder relations articles

Articles, feature and reports from the ICAEW on shareholder relations

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Waldron and Waldron 2019 EWHC 115

Andrew Strickland Valuation Community Newsletter October 2019

This is a shareholder dispute between three brothers and a sister, all involved in a construction and civil engineering business which had been set up by their parents.

Leading strategy to embrace sustainability

In India, growth and employments take precedence over sustainability, so making a business case for sustainability is a challenge, writes J.S Ahluwalia.

Shareholder issues turning from niche to norm

As they move towards stewardship rather than simple ownership, shareholders are becoming more active

Booth and Booth

Andrew Strickland Valuation Community Newsletter September 2019

Family Companies and Section 994, Companies Act 2006 - most common grounds by far were exclusion of a shareholder from management of the business.

Building trust in business through stakeholders and better reporting

The 2018 PwC Building Public Trust Awards took as their theme ‘celebrating openness’

Top 5 stories of shareholder activism

Whistleblowing and shareholder responses to corporate governance failings were on the agenda at the 2018 AGM season. Here are the top 5 corporate governance stories of recent weeks.

Making a statement

David Craik Business and Management December 2016

David Craik investigates how people in the real world view financial statements and considers what it might take to make them more user-friendly.

Voting for AGM format change

Vincenzo Leporiere London Accountant December 2016

January 2017: Are Annual General Meetings in their current physical format immune to digitalisation? LSCA Business Board member Vincenzo Leporiere investigates.

Armed and ready

Rachel Maguire Business and Management April 2016

A disgruntled stakeholder can ruin an annual general meeting. Rachel Maguire has some tips on how to exchange combat for more peaceful communication.

Dividend decisions

Business and Management Faculty Business and Management Janury 2016

The Financial Reporting Lab’s recent report looks at how to ensure dividend disclosures are relevant for investors.

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