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Corporate Reporting Faculty Events 2023

View upcoming webinars and events from the Corporate Reporting Faculty.

Covering IFRS, UK GAAP, UK regulations and non-financial reporting, the Corporate Reporting Faculty hosts webinars and events throughout the year. As well as helping members stay up to date with developments in corporate reporting, our events also offer the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals.


Our hour-long, live and interactive webinars are designed to keep you informed of the latest developments in corporate reporting and to offer support with the preparation of annual reports. All webinars have a dedicated Q&A session, and the presentation slides and other related resources are available for participants to download.

Unless indicated otherwise, webinars are available to all ICAEW members and Corporate Reporting Faculty subscribers. Besides Corporate Reporting Faculty members, other audiences that might find a particular webinar beneficial are indicated.

Our webinar programme is designed to respond to reporting developments as they happen, so it is worth checking this page regularly to view additions to the programme.

Webinar recordings

All webinars are recorded and available to listen to on-demand. Our archive of recordings can be accessed at icaew.com/crfwebinars

Date Title Overview Relevance to other audiences
26 Jan UK GAAP: periodic review proposals - View on demand This webinar will provide an overview of the FRC’s draft amendments to UK GAAP with a focus on the proposed revisions to lease accounting and revenue recognition.
  • Small practitioners’ community
  • Small and micro business community
  • Practitioner Business Advisors’ community
18 May IFRS update - View on demand  A roundup of latest developments in IFRS applicable in 2023 and beyond.
  • International Standards subscribers
21 June UK GAAP update - View on demand Topical issues and developments impacting UK GAAP reporters preparing accounts for 2023 year-ends.  
20 July Getting started with climate reporting - View on demand Demystifying climate-related reporting requirements for entities beginning to comply with UK regulations or seeking to disclose voluntarily.  
 26 Sept Getting started with climate reporting - part 2  Building on the overview to the UK’s Climate-related Financial Disclosure Regulations 2022 provided in part 1, this webinar will delve into the requirements in more depth and provide more practical tips on getting started.  
23 Nov Narrative reporting update This webinar will provide an update on the latest developments in narrative reporting for UK companies.


Corporate Reporting Conference 2023 | 13 June 2023

Sustainability reporting – here and on the horizon

The faculty’s half-day, in-person only conference explored current, incoming and future sustainability reporting requirements. 


ICAEW Essentials CPD

ICAEW Essentials CPD offers a fully virtual programme providing key technical updates on core topics. All courses are delivered by live webinar and provide the opportunity to interact with the speaker and discuss real-life scenarios. Webinars run for 2 hours, 20 minutes in total, comprising two 50-minute sessions plus 30 minutes Q&A. Some of the courses that may be of particular interest are listed below.

Date Title Overview
19 Sept Common Queries from ICAEW Helplines The course will cover some of the most frequent questions received by ICAEW’s technical helplines, including related party disclosures, property valuations and group accounting issues.
10 Oct Accounting / Financial Reporting Autumn Update The update will cover all the latest changes to UK GAAP, new FRC and ICAEW guidance, and news from Companies House, including Companies House reform. There will also be an overview of any relevant IFRS issues. 
17 Oct Preparing Cash Flow Statements
This course will walk through the cash flow statement and cover the most common issues faced by preparers under UK GAAP. 
22 Nov Fixed Asset Accounting - Getting the Numbers Right This course will deal with issues including capitalisation of subsequent expenditure, common problems with depreciation and what the climate agenda means for fixed assets.
23 Nov Charity Accounting, Reporting and Governance Autumn Update This course provides an essential summary of the main developments in charity accounting, reporting and governance from the last 6 – 9 months.
29 Nov Auditing and Accounting For Property Companies The first half of this course will cover accounting treatments of investment properties, loans, deferred tax on revaluations and inventories in property developers. The second half of the course will cover auditing issues.

Academy courses

ICAEW Academy offers a range of virtual classroom courses with smaller groups and more one on one time with an expert trainer. Courses are delivered over half-day sessions, with some courses running over two half-days. ICAEW members receive discounted access to a wide range of ICAEW Academy courses.

Date Title Overview
8 & 15 Sept 
ESG – how should the financial statements reflect sustainability? This course will offer a guide to the fundamental ESG concepts for professional business advisers. The course will cover numerical and qualitative examples.  
11 & 12 Sept
14 & 15 Nov
IFRS refresher This course will provide a clear and concise summary of key standards including IFRS 9, IFRS 10, IFRS 11, IFRS 15, IFRS 15 and IFRS 16.
19 & 20 Sept 
9 & 10 Nov 
12 & 13 Dec
FRS 102 refresher  Get a high-level overview of the main requirements of FRS 102. Practical examples and illustrations are provided to demonstrate how to apply the standard in practice.
29 Sept 
IFRS 16 Leases
Gain an understanding of the recognition, measurement and disclosure requirements of IFRS 16, including variable lease payments, lease modifications and sale and leaseback transactions.     
3 Oct &
17 Nov
IFRS update
An update on the latest developments and trends in the world of IFRS.
11 Oct
IFRS 15 Revenue from contracts with customers  This course will provide an overview of IFRS 15, with a focus on exploring the common application challenges relating to both point in time and over time revenue recognition and measurement.
12 Oct
IFRS 9 Financial Instruments for Non-financial Institutions
This course will explore the three main areas of IFRS 9 – classification of financial assets and financial liabilities, impairment based on expected credit losses and hedge accounting.
16 Oct UK GAAP update This course will take you through the key proposed changes in FRED 82 and provide an opportunity to consider the potential implications. It will provide practical insight from the experience of IFRS preparers.
17 Oct &
7 Dec
Understanding IFRS 17 and its impact on the financial statements  This course will provide an overview understanding of the application of IFRS 17 to enable participants to gain an appreciation of the impact of the implementation of this standard on the financial statements of insurers and their reported performance.
23 & 24 Oct IFRS 9 - demystifying hedge accounting 
This course will provide an overview of IFRS 9’s hedge accounting requirements.
27 Oct Accounting for intangible assets in an evolving world 
This course will cover the accounting guidance for intangible assets as well as the areas of judgement that require careful consideration. 
2 Nov Group accounting - applying the basic principles  This course declutters group accounting into practical building blocks reinforcing the basic principles of preparing consolidations. The course focuses on the application of IFRSs and provides plenty of practical examples. 
2 Nov FRS 101 - a walk through 
This course covers the criteria for, and implications of, applying FRS 101, as well as the disclosure requirements. 
21 Nov Accounting for business combinations and goodwill
Focusing on IFRS, this course will introduce the accounting for business combinations, providing a step-by-step summary of the relevant requirements.
28 Nov Share based payments – an overview This course will consider the accounting treatment of share-based payments including practical examples to demonstrate the accounting as well as practical issues that commonly arise. 
6 Dec Group accounting - applying the main principles in more complex group relationships
This course builds on from the ‘Group Accounting - applying the basic principles’ course and provides some insight into the more challenging areas, including, understanding the group structure, the accounting treatment and the implications for the consolidation process.