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Faculty webinars FAQs

Frequently asked questions on how to register and watch Faculty webinars.

If you still require assistance or have any questions regarding Faculty webinars you can email: TSDwebinars@icaew.com

Q) I have registered for a webinar, but I can't log in?

A) If you have already registered for the event, you can enter your e-mail address in the registered users area of the registration page to access the event. If you are still having issues. You may need to delete your cookies and browsing data to get access to the webinar.

Q) Can I use the phone to listen to the webinar?

A) No. The ON24 webinar system we use to deliver our webinars, only allows viewers to hear audio via headphones connected to the PC, mobile or tablet device.

Q) How do I download the slides and other resources?

A) Once you have logged into the live webinar, you can download any accompanying resources from the recources box on the left hand side of the console. If the box is not visible, try pressing the resources button on the tool bar at the bottom of the webinar console.

Q) How do I watch the on-demand recording?

A) The on-demand version of our webinars can be viewed half an hour after the live session has finished via the link you receive in your confirmation email. We also make a copy of the recording available on our website. A link to this recording is usually sent to all webinar registrants within 48 hours of the finish time.

Q) I can hear the webinar audio but the slides are not moving?

A) If you cannot see the slides, or if they have stopped moving. Try refreshing your browser window. If the problem continues, delete your cookies and browsing history and rejoin the webinar using the link in your confirmation email.

Q) I can see the slides but can't hear anything?

A) Ensure your volume is turned up on your device settings and in the webinar console. If the problem persists, try refreshing your browser window or delete your cookies and browsing history and rejoin the webinar using the link in your confirmation email.

Q) What if I lose connection during the webinar?

A) You can rejoin the webinar at any time. Simply click the link in your confirmation email if you are disconnected to rejoin the session.