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FS Focus: March 2019

In this issue David Smith ask if Brexit or productivity stagnation is doing more damage, how was Financial Services affected by the US shutdown, is PFI the new Enron, are the FCA's new proposals for the overdrive market strong enough, Aidan Millar talks technology in Financial Services.

Cover story: Economic theories 
David Smith assesses Bill Gates’s views on economic theories being applied to technology.

Closed for business
Nick Martindale explains how the US government shutdown not only hit 800,000 civil servants but also affected the financial service sector.

Productivity problems
Brexit or productivity stagnation, what's doing the most damage?

Hidden costs
FS Focus takes a look at whether PFI is the new Enron.

Regional rewards
Alex Miller explores the growth of the regions outside London as financial hubs.

Handling Harassment 
As the FCA pushes for greater diversity and less discrimination, Matthew Ramsey looks at the changing nature of misconduct.

Hard up
Mick McAteer assesses whether the FCA's proposals for the overdraft market are strong enough.

Tech savvy
Aidan Millar, chief data officer of DNB Bank, explains to Chris Evans how technology and customers are transforming the financial services landscape.

The price of loyalty
Charging different prices for the same product may be fine for some, but, as John Mongelard asks is it fair?

CASS in point
Dipak Vashi outlines the Financial Services Faculty's position on CASS audits.

Risk Management
A decade on from the financial crisis there are still no coherent risk guidelines in financial services, Peter Neville Lewis looks at the challenges and provides answers.

Equity release mortgages: accounting challenges
Zsuzanna Schiff explores the challenges of accounting for innovation.

FS Focus March 2019

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