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Financial Services Podcasts

This new series of podcasts will aim to give a bitesize rundown of a recent hot topic in financial services and try to deconstruct it in a simple and understandable manner for all.

The end of payday lenders?

In this podcast, Financial Services look at what went so badly wrong at Wonga and why this eventually led to their collapse. The payday loan industry exploded in popularity in the years after the financial crisis, but now it seems their time is up, or is it? Listen here to find out.

This podcast discusses:

  • The background and exponential growth of the payday loans industry.
  • What went wrong at Wonga and how poor culture can lead to disastrous results.
  • What next?

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Market Volatility and the ‘Fear Gauge’ – what is the Vix?

After years of calm and sanguine global stock markets steadily marching upwards, volatility returned with a bang in February, catching many off-guard. One idea for what might have caused this crash is the role the Vix Index, or fear gauge as it is colloquially known, played in the drama. This podcast is aimed at anyone with an interest in Financial Services.

Podcast participants: Dipak Vashi, Financial Services Technical Manager, ICAEW | Elizabeth Price, Financial Services Services Manager, ICAEW