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Technical knowledge

Practical guidance on technical matters for interim managers, independent advisers and consultants.

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Insolvency and restructuring


ICAEW is the largest insolvency regulator in the UK. We offer the opportunity for ICAEW Chartered Accountants and non-ICAEW members to qualify and be licensed as insolvency practitioners with us. We also offer a comprehensive programme of support for our current and future insolvency practitioners including membership to our Restructuring & Insolvency Community.

Tax - best practice


TAXguides are published by ICAEW Tax Faculty to provide practical guidance to members on important developments to tax practice and policy.

Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is a fundamental change to the administration of the UK tax system. It will affect how businesses and other organisations, agents and individuals maintain their accounting and tax records and how they transact and communicate with HMRC. The MTD transformation projects are being run and managed by HMRC but should be seen as just one element of the digitalisation of business


The Tax area has information and guidance on technical and practical tax matters. There are links to events, the latest tax news and the Tax Faculty’s publications, including helpsheets, webinars and Tax representations.

Anti-money laundering regulations

Anti-money laundering

Guidance and other work that we have done on anti-money laundering law and practice, in the UK and internationally.

Cash flow and financial modelling

Microsoft Excel: cash-flow modelling

The March 2010 issue of the Interim Management Group newsletter included an article by Access Ireland's Alex Reeves entitled Cash modelling for interim managers. Discussing the cash forecasting requirements of interim managers (IMs), the article highlighted the challenges facing IMs when constructing advanced forecasting models within MS Excel-based applications. This article continues this exploration of cash-flow modelling tools.

Excel hell

Cell-based modelling is a root cause of Excel hell. Some of the unavoidable issues include simple errors in formula construction; returning error values; errors in formulas dependent on other feeder cells that are only apparent later; and errors containing the notation #REF that make financial statement rollups unreadable.