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Legal and regulatory webinar recordings.

Gender Pay – Mending the Gap

Jane Berney (ICAEW) and Katy Bennett (PwC) discuss the regulations, the issues that the first year of reporting have identified and offer some practical tips on what to do now.

Flag it Up AML Webinar  (February 2017)

ICAEW and the ‘Flag It Up’ campaign teamed up to run a free webinar aimed at helping accountancy professionals to further understand the risks posed to them by money laundering, and looking at how they can help to disrupt this threat. This recording helps viewers gain an understanding of the AML risks faced by accountants, the consequences of unwitting involvement and an insight from the National Crime Agency on the value of suspicious activity reports and how they are used. 

Striking Tigers as well as flies? A look at global enforcement and the UK Bribery Act five years on (13 October 2016)

The Bribery Act came into force in 2011 but it is only in the last year or so that cases have come to court. This webinar looks at what these cases tell us about what companies should be doing and in particular the court's interpretation of the defence of 'adequate procedures.' It also considers future developments in the world of bribery prevention and the use of Deferred Prosecution Agreements.

The Modern Slavery Act - It doesn't affect my organisation, or does it? (June 2016)

If your turnover exceeds £36 million then you must produce and publish, annually, a 'Transparency in Supply Chains' statement. If you supply goods or services to such an organisation, you may well be asked to confirm your own actions to ensure that there is no slavery in your own business or supply chains. This webinar will explain the Modern Slavery Act and how to ensure compliance, provide a checklist of what to do now and give examples of best practice, as well as examples of what constitutes modern slavery. It may surprise you. This will be of use to directors, accountants and auditors, in all types and sizes of organisations.

Data Protection, the GDPR and EU-US Privacy Shield - What now after Brexit? (1 September 2016)

Data Protection affects us all. And whilst the Data Protection Act has been with us for years, there are a number of new developments that everyone needs to be aware of and put into practice sooner rather than later. This webinar will be of use to directors, accountants and auditors, in all types and sizes of organisations.