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Gender Pay Gap Reporting – impact on ICAEW members

The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations came in to effect on 6th April 2017. It is now a legal requirement for organisations with over 250 eligible employees to publish an annual report on their gender pay gap.

Find a range of resources to help you report and mend your gender pay gap.

Key ICAEW resources

ICAEW KNOW HOW - guides on how to report and address your pay gap.

  1. Gender Pay Gap Reporting: the Regulations
  2. The Gender Pay Gap: What is it and why does it matter
  3. The Gender Pay Gap: Mending the Gap
  4. Top tips for preparing your Gender Pay Gap Report 

More than a number podcast episode 3: Is inequality in the workplace inevitable?

We know there’s a gender pay gap, we know that the average gap is 11.9% in UK businesses over 250 people – but why are we not seeing more improvement? Why do women lose when it comes to bonuses? And when can a low gender pay gap be a bad thing?

ICAEW Webinar : Gender Pay – Mending the Gap

Jane Berney (ICAEW) and Katy Bennett (PwC) discuss the regulations, the issues that the first year of reporting have identified and offer some practical tips on what to do now.

Business and Management Faculty Webinar: What does your gender pay gap tell you?

Nigel Marriott, an independent statistician, will explain what your gender pay gap report tells you and just as important, what it doesn’t tell you.

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