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WealthCare - COVID-19

Resources on WealthCare to support you and your clients during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, including advice on mortgage holidays and advice for tenants and landlords.

Mazars Monthly Report October 2020 - Why Financial Planning Matters

Mazars 12-10-2020

With growth projected to be sluggish for a long time and the Fed doing its best to resuscitate inflation, in a bid to prevent the vicious cycle of deflation, our investment committee felt that we need to be realistic about where we can get growth for our portfolios.

Mazars Monthly Report September 2020 - To inflate, or not to inflate

Mazars 21-09-2020

In a decision for the history books, the US Federal Reserve, the world’s de facto central bank, abandoned a hard 2% inflation target in favour of a more flexible regime, attempting to prevent deflation resulting from secular stagnation exacerbated by the persistent COVID-recession.

Plan for the good, protect against the unexpected

Tilney 10-09-2020

What if the unwanted or unexpected happens? Would your plans fall apart? In this article, financial planning and investment company Tilney demonstrates why solid financial plans start with protection.

Risk in times of uncertainty - A guide to Cyber and PII

Personal Financial Planning Community 11-08-2020

This is an insightful, relevant and practical webinar on the current state of the cyber and professional indemnity insurance markets, the risks you need to be aware of as an accountant.

Stamp Duty Land Tax 'holiday' (SDLT)

Kinnison Property Finance Experts 13-07-2020

If you were considering taking your first step on, next step up or your last step down the property ladder, SDLT was potentially a significant burden and barrier preventing you from taking that life changing step.

Three burning questions for investors

Mazars 09-07-2020

In the past few weeks, we have been experiencing a flurry of better-than-expected economic data, especially in the US, while global equities remained near the recent high levels they have been trading at for almost a month.

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