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Sustainability and the role of the accountant webcast

Richard Spencer, Head of ICAEW Sustainability, addresses the issues facing accountants and their role in business sustainability drawing on ICAEW's thought leadership report Sustainability: role of the accountant.

Sustainability is an important concern, if not the most important concern, for business and society today. Even for long-standing advocates of sustainability, there is a new sense of urgency. It is not future generations but the here and now. For businesses to be viable in the long-term, they must maintain the resources they depend on, and yet we are depleting our natural and social capital at alarming rates. The opportunity therefore exists for change, and to build a planet that can sustain thriving businesses and societies. Businesses need to be working with all interests in society to promote sustainability. However, time and resources are in short supply and the range of potential initiatives is daunting. Any sustainable system needs information to help it to learn and adapt.  that The accounting profession can play a vital role in meeting a pressing need for high-quality information about the sustainability options open to us, the actions that these options call for, and their impacts.

Presented by Richard Spencer, Head of ICAEW Sustainability.

This webinar was broadcast on 26 September 2013.