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Your new Excel Community

Author: David Lyford-Smith

Published: 02 Jun 2021

Over the past few months we have been making some changes to the way you can access and make use of the many offerings that your Excel Community membership affords you. In this article I will outline what you get and where you can find it all to really make the most of your #1 spreadsheet resource.

Online training modules

We have just launched a new platform for our suite of online training modules, with our partners Filtered. You can find out more about what’s on offer and register for the new platform right here.


We offer a variety of regular articles exploring a wide variety of Excel topics – from financial modelling to data analysis, and from charting to automation. You can find the latest articles right here on icaew.com on this page. Or find the longer list of recent articles here.

My own long-running Excel Tip of the Week has over 400 posts in the archive, and these are organised into their own index post here.

Older articles posted on the now defunct ION site have been archived. But you can still explore the archive through this search, or with Simon Hurst’s Power BI explorer page here.


The Excel Community runs a regular series of webinars which combine expert presentations with audience Q&A. You can find the list of upcoming webinars to register for here, and browse the archive of past webinars here.

Thought Leadership

Available to the whole spreadsheet using community, the Excel Community has also produced a series of high-level guidance papers on critical issues such as good practice, competency, and financial modelling. Find out more here.


We will continue to keep you up to date on all the latest developments and releases via our regular newsletter email.


Got any questions? Whether it’s about the Excel Community’s offerings or if you have a spreadsheet conundrum of your own, send it to us at excel@icaew.com

Excel community

This article is brought to you by the Excel Community where you can find additional extended articles and webinar recordings on a variety of Excel related topics. In addition to live training events, Excel Community members have access to a full suite of online training modules from Excel with Business.