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Excel Community round-up December 2021

Author: David Lyford-Tilley

Published: 06 Jan 2022

Here are all the new Excel articles and webinars from the Excel Community in December 2021. Posts marked as public can be accessed by anyone; other articles are accessible to Excel Community subscribers and can be accessed by logging in to your ICAEW account.

And if you are an Excel Community subscriber, don’t forget that you need to renew your membership to keep access for 2022 – see our overview of what’s coming here.

Excel Tip of the Week

423 – Our Excel Christmas list (public)

Several of our bloggers chime in with their wishes for the program in 2022.

424 – Filters redux

A review of the quintessential data sorting and filtering tool.

425 – Revisiting unpivoting

A Power Query data transformation tool with surprising depth.

426 – Passwords redux

There are plenty of places you can add passwords to Excel – but which are really reliable?

Other blogs

Conditional formatting and spreadsheet review – part two rules are better than one

Simon Hurst continues his look (following on from part one last month) at how to spot overzealous error catching formulas, using conditional formatting.

Allocating fees

Modeller and MVP Liam Bastick continues his examination of how to allocate fees across non-even periods.

Displaying reports by date – Excel versus Power BI

Simon looks at the date visualisation options available in the two platforms.

Microsoft Office 2021’s new features (Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Outlook) (public)

MVP David Benaim returns with his latest roundup of everything new and exciting in Microsoft 365.

The 2021 Excel Community pantomime - Min and Max return! (public)

For a festive special, Simon Hurst with an Excel-lent challenge – how many function names can you spot?

Exploring Charts (Graphs) in Excel - 10: Data series, dual axis, multi-chart overlays and waterfall charts

John Tennent continues his series on all things data visualisation with this latest examination.

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