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Articles, reports and videos from expert sources on the changes to finance work brought about by digital technologies.

Audit 2023: Audit technology fit for the future

KPMG October 2017

Watch this video from KPMG which demonstrates how it imagines dynamic audit technology might help organisations to identify how a fraud has been committed in 2023. The technology is already being used to help KPMG's clients make informed decisions.

How to become a trusted adviser (with an opinion)

theGrogroup September 2017

theGrogroup Director Alex Shacklock offers advice on how to become a trusted adviser and the importance of offering an opinion based on commercial experience of working with many clients, as well as technical experience.

Finance as Business Partner

PwC November 2017

In this 2017 report, PwC outlines research into the what makes an effective business partner. It includes findings on: how much time is spent on business partnering activities in comparison to scorekeeping activities; the influence of market growth and competition; and constraints and enablers.

Technology at work: the future of innovation and employment

Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford March 2015

In this report, Oxford Martin School academics Dr. Carl Benedikt Frey and Associate Professor Michael Osborne explore the changing nature of innovation and work, and the associated implications for the future of employment and society more widely.

Technology at work 2.0: the future isn't what it used to be

Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford January 2016

Oxford Martin School academics Dr. Carl Benedikt Frey and Associate Professor Michael Osborne expand their theories on the changing nature of innovation and work. Based on their methodology that predicted 47% of US jobs were at risk from automation, the authors now look at the probabilities of jobs at risk across the world, as well as the disparities of job risk between cities.

CGMA report: Finance business partnering

Chartered Institute Management Accountants October 2015

This 2015 report from CIMA covers: how the role of finance is changing to better support decision making; how finance business partnering improves decision making; and the skills needed for effective business partnering.

Creating an effective business development operation

theGrogroup March 2018

Experts from consultancy firm theGrogroup share the nine key ingredients every business development (BD) operation needs for success, including: top-level fee-growth targets underpinned by a firm wide BD strategy, and a senior BD figurehead and owner.

Finance business partnering

Deloitte October 2014

In this article, Deloitte argues that finance can provide the insight needed for better decision-making, but that in many organisations the function does not deliver the insight required to drive better performance.

PwC's Finance Effectiveness Benchmark Report 2020

PwC July 2017

PwC's finance effectiveness benchmark study explores what sets top performing finance functions apart. Benchmark data from over 600 projects and interviews with 10 finance and business leaders have been compiled to draw out best practice across the industry.

KPMG Clara a smart audit platform

KPMG July 2017

In this video, KPMG explains it's dynamic audit technology platform: KPMG Clara. The big four firm claims that the platform provides a deeper understanding of businesses and enhances collaboration, alongside a robust, consistent audit approach.