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IT management press articles

The Library & Information Service provides a hand-picked collection of industry press articles on IT management as a benefit of ICAEW membership.

The library provides access to a range of articles in full text from leading business, finance and management journals. Access to articles is provided to logged-in ICAEW members, ACA students and other entitled users subject to suppliers' terms of use.

Beating the data storage bottleneck

Article discusses the explosion in data that is driving demand for faster computing and larger storage and the developments that are on their way.

Cloud computing: friend or foe

Article looks at the risks associated with moving to the cloud which organisations must consider and the necessary of adoption of risk management strategies to ensure safety and control.

Five reasons to look at Hyper-Converged-Infrastructure

The article looks at Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) that promises simpler, more flexible and potentially cheaper IT. Topics include considered that HCI might not match the raw performance of fully optimized, best-of-breed systems, it promises to be quicker to deploy, and thus more agile and easier to scale.

Data warehouse storage: has the cloud made on-premises obsolete?

Article looks at how the development of cloud services has matured to the level where data warehousing provision is an obvious next step to store an organisation's data lake.

Five key points about unstructured data storage

Article discusses the possible challenges faced by companies in managing their unstructured data, as well as the potential benefits of unstructured data in business success.

Ethics maps for AI analytics

The article looks at the importance of an ethics map as a component of any company's artificial intelligence (AI) usage and AI-based decision-making strategy.

Why securing the DNS layer is crucial to fight cyber crime

The article discusses that the Domain name system (DNS) security is often overlooked by organizations, but focusing on this layer could improve the effectiveness of cyber security strategies.

Covid-19s AI revolution

Article asks whether we should be worried about automation taking over jobs, a process which has been accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic.

How AI can help storage management

The article offers information on how artificial intelligence can help storage management. It mentions Storage hardware monitoring is well established, with tools that gather data on volume usage and equipment performance, but also environmental data, temperature, power consumption and component-level readings from drives; and the more advanced tools can make recommendations to optimize performance and utilisation.

Balancing costs and benefits of storing data in the cloud

The article discusses enterprises have looking at cloud storage as an alternative to on-premise storage systems. Topics include cloud solutions store data remotely, removing the need to retain on physical on-site hardware; and the cost of enterprise cloud storage has vary greatly, depending on particular use cases.

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