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At a glance what the future holds for technology

The Tech Faculty’s latest edition of Chartech (the faculty magazine) covers a range of new technologies that have come to prominence in the last few years. Some may have a profound impact on how businesses operate in the future.

Virtual reality/Augmented reality – The impact of VR and AR technology outside of games and some niche markets has been limited.  However, many businesses see a bright future for the technology. This article explores the areas which could be impacted most by this fascinating new technology, including immersive 3D environments for data visualisation, virtual trading using holographic workstations, and ideas for use in accounting environments. 

Quantum – This technology makes use of the mysterious world of sub-atomic particles. While the technology fundamentals of quantum computing are perhaps baffling to many of us, the impact on our everyday lives could be significant.  Tasks such as image recognition, cryptography and even optimising the return from a financial portfolio can all benefit from this new technology. 

Robotic process automation (RPA) – One of the biggest buzz-phrases of the last year, RPA technology has the potential to radically improve efficiency and relive staff from repetitive tasks. However, care needs to be taken when considering how and where to make use of RPA. This overview provides a handy introduction to the topic. 

Also in article we also explore artificial intelligence (threat or opportunity?), the Internet of Things (what does the future hold?) and drones (enabling innovation for firms). 

Each edition of Chartech contains a mix of news, articles, practical advice and commentary.  

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