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Chartech: January/February 2020

In this issue: Topical tech news from around the world; is more regulation the way to promote cyber best practice?; what should smaller practices consider when looking for an IT provider?; avoiding spreadsheet errors; and the recent DDoS attack on the Labour Party.

Cover story: How your business can benefit from cyber essentials certification
Making cyber security a key business priority can be achieved by going through an appropriate accreditation process.

Byte size: Tech news roundup
How cutting the amount of emails you send could cut your carbon emissions; the BBC is losing appeal among younger audiences; and China’s attempts to combat scams with facial recognition on mobile phones.

Practice tips: How to make app stacks work for you and your client
Our new columnist, MHA Carpenter Box partner Nathan Keeley, explains the benefits of building tailored app stacks for clients.

Creating a cyber security culture in the industry
Kirstin Gillon asks if more regulation is the way to promote best practice or if cultural change is needed within the industry.

Are you being served by your IT provider?
Smaller practices need to consider carefully how to find the IT provider that works best for them. David Styles has some tips.

Boosting your data dive for audit analytics
The pace of change in the audit analytics market is making auditors reconsider their choice of tools. Lesley Meall looks at developments.

From finance to guidance
As well as efficiency improvements, technology can transform the finance function – making it less about data and more about insight. Kirstin Gillon looks at the latest research.

Don't fall foul of these common Microsoft Excel horrors
Avoid reputational Armageddon by steering clear of these simple spreadsheet errors, writes Simon Hurst.

Lessons in hacking and digital vandalism
The scope of cyber attacks varies enormously – as evidenced by the recent low-level assaults on the Labour Party, says Leo Waldock.

Chartech January/February 2020

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