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Chartech 2018

2018 editions of Chartech, the bi-monthly magazine of the IT Faculty.

Chartech: November/December 2018

In this issue, the NCSC's second annual review, Jessica Pillow's lesson in security, market opportunities in untangling data, the IT Faculty's key work around the world, Word templates for letters, and the launch of the Excel Community's new financial modelling code.

Chartech: September/October 2018

In this issue, Richard Cree dives into the future of tech and details the things that may change the workplace forever, The National Cyber Security Centre explains the importance of government and industry working together, an exploration of how tech could boost audit quality and solve the crisis in the audit profession, and Simon Hurst goes into detail about Data Validation and hierarchical lists.

Chartech: July/August 2018

In this issue, charity begins with IT systems, keeping up to date with MTD developments, asking members how the ACA has helped their career and development, Power Query can change the way you look at Excel, using malware to get money from people can be difficult, Android app issues, Intel's new battery, and more.

Chartech: May/June 2018

In this issue, Jessica Pillow discusses the benefits of evalulating new IT systems, a recent conference showed that GDPR was causing headaches in Eastern Europe, recap of the IT Faculty's cyber security report on its fifth anniversary, what to do when conditional summary functions aren't flexible enough and Leo Waldock asks whether we should be worried about our personal data.

Chartech: March/April 2018

In this issue, ensuring compliance with GDPR, how we can get the best of both artificial intelligence and actual intelligence, ICAEW chatbot, recent Office updates, and how the so-called Big Four in tech have been using AI to further their ambitions in different ways.

Chartech: January/February 2018

In this issue, Alan Calder offers tips on preparing for GDPR, David Lyford-Smith delves into the latest IT Faculty paper, exploring the potential for blockchain and accountancy, and Simon Hurst outlines the Excel Slicer function.